History does not repeat itself; historians merely repeat each other.

Flannery O'Connor

There is many a best-seller that could have been prevented by a good teacher.

After you've heard two eyewitness accounts of an accident, it makes you wonder about history.

Aside from its purchasing power, money is useless as far as I'm concerned.

I was reading the dictionary the other day. I thought it was a poem about everything.

Lisa Alther

The only obvious advantage of being an adult is that you can eat your dessert without having eaten your vegetables.

Dave Barry

In college, Yuppies major in business administration. If to meet certain requirements they have to take a liberal arts course, they take Business Poetry.

I would sooner read a timetable or a catalog than nothing at all.

Emo Philips

When I went to college, my parents threw a going away party for me, according to the letter.


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