Donald E. Petersen

It's what we do that counts, not what we say. Therefore, I set an example through my actions, and I believe it is critically important to be consistent, predictable, and dependable.

Henny Youngman.

He bought himself a pet zebra. Named it Spot.

Dear Mom and Dad: I graduated from law school so I no longer have to ask you for money. Now I know how to demand it.

Failure isn't permanent. Walt Disney went bankrupt and had a nervous breakdown -- then created the Disney empire we know today.

The town is so dull the only postcards they sell are pictures of other towns.

Eric Hoffer

It's easier to love humanity as a whole than to love one's neighbor.

Chico Marx

Don't wake him up; he's got insomnia. He's trying to sleep it off.

Some scientists say a tennis ball sewn into the back of the pajamas can stop snoring. Or you can just whack the snorer on the head with the racket.

He got mixed up and put his shoes on the wrong feet. Then he couldn't remember whose feet.


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