In the arena of human life the honors and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities in action.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

A clever man commits no minor blunders.

Every now and then, when you're on the stage, you hear the best sound a player can hear. It's a sound you can't get in movies or in television. It's the sound of a wonderful, deep silence that means you've hit them where they live.

It is with life as with a play: It matters not how long the action is spun out, but how good the acting is.

Lillian Gish

When I first went into the movies Lionel Barrymore played my grandfather. Later he played my father and finally my husband. If he had lived, I'm sure I would have played his mother. That's the way it is in Hollywood. The men get younger and the women get older.

Capital which overreaches for profits, labor which overreaches for wages, or a public which overreaches for bargains will all destroy each other. There is no salvation for us on that road.

There's a man in the world who is never turned down, wherever he chances to stray; he gets the glad hand in the populous town, or out where the farmers make hay; he's greeted with pleasure on deserts of sand, and deep in the aisles of the woods; wherever he goes there's a welcoming hand. He's the man who delivers the goods.


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