Herbert N. Casson

There is no Fate that plans men's lives. Whatever comes to us, good or bad, is usually the result of our own action or lack of action.

The most drastic and usually the most effective remedy for fear is direct action.

Art Buck

Though good may come of practice, this primal truth endures: The first time anything is done, it's done by amateurs.

Christian Bovee

Active natures are rarely melancholy. Activity and sadness are incompatible.

The individual activity of one man with backbone will do more than a thousand men with a mere wishbone.

Carl Bernstein

The greatest felony in the news business today is to be behind, or to miss a big story. So speed and quantity substitute for thoroughness and quality, for accuracy and content.

Georges Bernanos

A thought that does not result in action is nothing much, and an action that does not proceed from a thought is nothing at all.

Action without study is fatal. Study without action is futile.


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